Welcome to Brockton Educational Center for Adults

Brockton Educational Center for AdultsBrockton Educational Center for Adults, or B.E.C.A. as it is lovingly called, is a private school offering complete training programs, in preparation for professional careers in business, health care, and computers. The education you receive at B.E.C.A. is designed to prepare you for an exciting new career or to prepare you for additional opportunities in your current career through enhanced skills.

We offer programs such as Nurse Assistant, ESL, GED and much more. The Brockton Educational Center for Adults is fully licensed by the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure Office of Private Occupational School Education. B.E.C.A. is registered under “Temple Adventiste de Brockton” (Brockton SDA French Temple) DBA (Doing Business As) Brockton Education Center for Adults.

The school opened its doors in September of 2009. Since then, it has served several groups of students in its various programs. The passing rate of students who have taken the state mandated examination for the CNA licensure is over 85% and many of our graduates are finding employment in their chosen fields of study.