Business Keyboarding

Business Keyboarding courses at Brockton ECA

Business Keyboarding I

Business Keyboarding I is designed to help students develop basic knowledge of the keyboard by learning the touch operation of alphanumeric/keyboard characters. Emphasis is placed on knowledge of the keyboard with desirable keyboarding techniques; development of speed and accuracy; and proper care of the equipment. Keyboarding is the foundation for developing entry-level skills for business careers. Students will be assessed according to the following formula: Style , speed, unit production and exams.

5 weeks/20 hours
Tuesday & Thursday 5:00 PM – 7:15 PM   


Business Keyboarding II

Continuation of keyboarding I. Emphasis is placed on the mastery of the techniques learned in keyboarding I.  It is designed to provide an opportunity to master the skill of entering alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic information on a keyboard and a ten-key pad using the touch method of keyboarding. Emphasis is placed on development of accuracy, speed, proper techniques, and correct fingering. The student will develop skill in formatting letters, reports, and other business documents. Students will be assessed according to the following formula: Style, speed , units production and exams.

7 weeks/28 hours
Tuesday & Thursday 7:00 PM – 9:15 PM


Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping

This course introduces students to basic accounting principles, accounting concepts, and accounting terminology. This Basic Accounting & Bookeeping course also assumes  students have no prior knowledge of accounting or finance, and delivers lessons and examples to build accounting skills. Specifically, this class addresses accounting terminology, revenue, expenses, net income, the accounting equation, debits, credits, and balancing the accounting formula, the accounting structure, the accounting cycle, journals, ledgers, the trial balance and more. It also guides students to learn how to read financial statements properly, and how to grab meaningful information from the balance sheet, income statements and cash flow statements.

Topics include:

  • business transactions and changes
  • debits and credits
  • journalizing business transactions
  • posting to a general ledger
  • worksheets
  • financial statements
  • closing entries
  • checking accounts and bank statements

12 weeks/24 hours
Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM